The wheat harvest 2014 in Bulgaria is expected a little earlier

Good crop of grain quality wheat - these are expectations in the sector and a half months before the harvest. Manufacturers do not expect a big change from last year when it was realized substantial amount of production and international markets. International estimates suggest that expected a slight drop in grain harvest in the world because of uncertainty about the crisis in Ukraine, which is one of the largest manufacturers and weather problems in other regions.
Although in recent weeks appeared worried about the grain harvest because of intense rainfall at this stage that there is no evidence of serious damage to plants. According to preliminary data producers planted areas are in good condition throughout the country, as the harvest is expected to start 1-2 weeks earlier in some regions, mainly in the central parts of the country.

The new season crop of Sunflower seeds in 2014 will decline with by 1.34 million tons

According to the latest report by analysts Oil World, world production of sunflower seeds in 2014/15g. will be 40.54 million tons, up 1.34 million tons less than the present.
According to the forecast harvest of oilseeds in the EU will fall to 8.17 (8.81) million tonnes, Turkey - to 1.13 (1.45) million tonnes, South Africa - to 0.65 (0, 83) Mt. Expected increase in the harvest of sunflower in Argentina - to 2.8 (2.1) million tonnes.
Total forecast for oil in the world for the new season could fall to 43.6 (44.13) million tons and processing to 37.1 (37.37) million tons.
Stocks of sunflower for 2014/15 in the world could fall to 2.74 (3.06) million tonnes. Figures in brackets are for the previous year.

02.01.2014 - California Walnut Commission sees potential in Indian walnut market

After gaining access in the Indian market, the Californian Walnut Commission—the Californian government agency involved in the research and export market development of Californian walnuts—recently organised its first-ever trade seminar in New Delhi with the support of The SCS Group, the India Representative of the Commission. Michelle McNeil, Senior Marketing Director, California Walnut Commission, briefed about the characteristic features, quality and health benefits of Californian walnuts at the Seminar. She said that the Commission expects India to be among the top ten export markets for Californian walnuts over the next ten years.
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26.10.2013 - California nut harvests winding down

California's nut harvests are winding down, as ideal conditions helped growers get through the season quickly. The almond and walnut yields were still abundant despite a slight drop from last year's totals.
GERBER, Calif. — The harvest of nuts in California is winding down, and growers say ideal conditions have helped them gather what was already an early crop.
At Pacific Farms and Orchards here, the walnut harvest was finished up last week, and tonnage was about the same as last year, general manager Brandon Flynn said.
“Some varieties were a little better and some were a little down on yield,” he said. “Harvest conditions have been pretty much ideal with nice weather and temperatures that have allowed us to progress through the harvest quite quickly and efficiently.”
Growers have said walnut yields have depended on variety this season. Overall, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service had predicted a slightly smaller crop than last year’s 497,000 tons, although last year’s final production figures exceeded expectations.
Growers of almonds, the state’s leading nut crop, were expecting about a 2 percent drop in yield from 2012 but still expect to produce one of the largest crops in the state’s history at 1.85 billion meat pounds. Finished orchards were being irrigated, fertilized and pruned last week, NASS reported.

07.10.2013 - Walnuts see growing demand

John Aguiar, director of sales for Mariani Nut Co., Winters, Calif., said the walnut industry is in the middle of a unique challenge.
In terms of supply, Aguiar expects a fairly normal crop. But in terms of demand, consumer interest is steadily increasing.
“From what we can tell, we are expecting a very similar size crop to last year, but like any other agriculture item, that’s only half the story. The quality will be determined in the next two to three weeks,” he said of the upcoming harvest.
The company was set to begin harvesting toward the end of September or beginning of October.
The California Walnut Commission, Folsom, quotes the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service’s California Field Office annual crop estimate for walnuts to be 495,000 short tons.
The 2013 estimate is less than 1% shy of last year’s crop of 497,000 short tons.
“It’s looking to be a good crop so it’s very good news for the industry,” said Jennifer Olmstead, domestic marketing director for the commission.
Walnut suppliers will have to manage their harvest to best meet the needs of the market.

07.10.2013 - Chile expects to harvest over 50.000 tons of walnuts, most for export in 2013/14

More and more newly planted trees are entering production. But improved growing technologies such as pruning the trees or installing drip irrigation systems are also resulting in higher yields. In total over 50,000 tonnes of walnuts (with peel) could be harvested in 2013/14.

Estimates from the American Department of Agriculture (USDA) are based on the assumption of a growing area of 30,000 hectares, of which 23,000 hectares is in production. The main growing areas for walnuts are the central regions of Chile, such as the area around the capital. On average the walnut plantations are around 10 to 15 hectares and therefore twice the size of those in France, but only half the size of this in the US.

07.10.2013 - Bloomberg: Rain Threatens Ukraine’s Sunflowers as Oil World Cuts Forecast

Global sunflower seed production may be less than expected as wet weather delays the harvest in Ukraine and Russia and leaves crops at risk of damage, Hamburg-based Oil World said.

World production of sunflower seed may be 39 million metric tons or less in the 2013-14 season, below a previous forecast for a record 40.2 million tons, the researcher said in an e-mailed report today. The harvest in Ukraine, the world’s top producer, is progressing at the slowest pace in at least four years. Only 2 percent of crops were collected in Russia’s Volga valley, the main growing region, compared with 33 percent at the same time last year. Russia is the second-biggest grower.

“The situation could become critical as there is the risk of more or less sizable crop damage in Russia and Ukraine if too wet conditions further delay harvesting,” Oil World said. “The unfavorable moist conditions have weakened the plants and there is the risk that the stems break under the weight of the top carrying the seed.”

04.09.2013 - Bulgaria ranks second in the world in the export of sunflower.

Bulgaria ranks second in the world in the export of sunflower in 2012, shows an analysis of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA), prepared by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Our country occupies a prestigious place in the ranking.

06.08.2013 - Bloomberg: Corn Falls to Lowest Since 2010 on U.S. Record Outlook

Corn extended a decline to a 34-month low as cool weather and moist soil increase yield prospects in the U.S., the world’s biggest grower and exporter. Wheat dropped to the lowest since June 2012, and soybeans fell.
Near-to-below-normal temperatures in the Midwest in the first half of August will favor corn pollination, while moisture will stay favorable in southern and eastern areas, DTN wrote in a forecast today. Farmers may harvest a record 13.95 billion bushels, 29 percent more than last year, when drought hurt crops, U.S. Department of Agriculture data show.

12.07.2013 - Expected excellent new crop of Bulgarian forest walnuts

Due to the high precipitation and normal temperatures for the season, the Bulgarian walnut promises high-class vintage and bright kernel with excellent taste.

10.07.2013 - Wheat Futures Markets

Futures U.S. market closed strong last night before the weekend today and tomorrow. USDA announced the sale of 360 KMtons of wheat to China. More frequent purchases of wheat last week due to strong demand from major importers to cover the most urgent needs.
Physical market in Europe is unchanged while futures followed the rise in Chicago. Unfortunately, the activity is very low. Harvest started but manufacturers in Western Europe do not sell. For the moment, prices in Western Europe are HIGH and therefore uncompetitive those of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. French ports of ships waiting to load for West Africa and Algeria. Likely that exports for the week will be about 200 KMtons.
In Russia and Ukraine exporters are trying to keep prices do not fall but how long will resist the pressure is not so clear. Certainly at some point you have to sell in order to relieve the tension of harvest.

05.07.2013 - Bloomberg: Russian Grain Harvest Climbs 76% as Reaping Expands to Center

The grain harvest in Russia, projected to be among the world’s five largest wheat exporters this season, jumped 76 percent as reaping began in central regions, according to government figures.
Farmers gathered 9.7 million metric tons of cereals as of today, compared with 5.5 million tons a year earlier, the Moscow-based Agriculture Ministry said on its website. They harvested 7.7 million tons of wheat, against 4.7 million tons last year, from 8.9 percent of the planted area.

05.07.2013 - Bloomberg: World Food Prices Fall on Rising Supplies of Dairy to Sugar

World food prices fell for a second month in June, led by declines in dairy and sugar on prospects of rising global output, the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization said.
An index of 55 food items traced by the FAO fell 0.9 percent to 211.3 points last month from a revised 213.2 points in May, the Rome-based agency wrote in an online report today. The measure, which climbed to a record 237.9 points in February 2011, is up 5.4 percent from a year earlier.

05.07.2013 - Excellent results from the harvest in France and Russia

The first results of the harvest of winter barley in France are promising. Yields of barley in southwestern France, is about 850 kg / ha, well above market expectations, which were of the order of 650 750 kg / ha. The average yield of barley in France last year was 675 kg / ha.
The grain size is also quite good. 97% of the grains has a size of more than 2.5 mm. Typically, the figure is 88-90%.

01.07.2013 - New Crop of Bulgarian Pumpkin seeds

Regarding the coming new season of Bulgarian Pumpkin seeds, we want to organize the client orders and manage the priority of regular deliveries.
Due to the trend of continuous decreasing crop, this year the expected quantities are 50% less than last season.

19.04.2013 - Strategie Grains: Straight decline in the estimated harvest of wheat in the EU

European Agency for analysis Strategie Grains in its April report lowered its forecast for wheat production in the EU in the season 2013/14 by 0.5 million tons to 130 million tons. This is due to the reduced yield prospects in the UK and reduced arable land in Denmark and Spain.

08.04.2013 - Informa Economics raised its forecast for the wheat harvest in Canada, China and the U.S.

Informa Economics Agency revised forecast for world wheat production in season 2013/14 upwards to 704.2 million tonnes (previous forecast - 698.7 million tonnes in the season 2012/13 to 654.1 million tonnes) .
Prospects for future harvest in Canada have improved - expectations are for 29.0 (28.0, 27.2) million tonnes of wheat and also in China - 120.0 (118.0, 120.6) million tons and the U.S. - 60.4 (60.2, 61.8) Mt. PRODUCTION of winter wheat in the U.S. next season she fell 1 percent compared to this year and will reach 44.39 million tons.
The European Union forecast total production of wheat has not changed - 138.0 (138.0, 132.3) million tonnes, Russia - 55.5 (55.5, 38.0) mln t and Ukraine - 22 , 4 (22.4, 15.8) Mt.

26.02.2013 - European wheat depreciate rapidly

U.S. wheat markets continue to rapidly move down. The first day of the week ended with another significant decrease in stock prices.
Over productive areas in the American plains passing second the last day snowstorm. Snow is expected over the crop of winter wheat to reach 30 centimeters thick. According to the experts after the drought outlook for future harvest seriously improved.

22.02.2013 - IGC predicts growth of wheat crop in the world with 4%

The International Grains Council (IGC) raised its outlook for the closing stocks of wheat in the world this season by 2 million tons to 176 million tons due to higher grain stocks in India and China.
The largest exporters of wheat in the world - Argentina, Australia, Canada, EU, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, USA, at the end of the season will have a stock of 50 million tonnes of wheat, which is 1 million tonnes less than projected earlier. At the end of last season wheat stocks in these countries was 70 million tons.

22.02.2013 - USDA: A record crop of corn in the U.S.

This year farmers in the U.S. can get a record corn crop - 14.53 billion bushels, predicted USDA. Area sown with corn harvest in 2013 is expected to be 96.5 million acres, which is slightly lower than last year. In 2012, U.S. farmers planted 97.2 million corn acres and produced 10.78 billion bushels of corn.

06.02.2013 - Sunflower production in Bulgaria in 2013/14 will be 1.4 million tons

Stratégie Grains predicted that in 2013/14 sunflower production in the European Union (EU) estimated at 7.8 million tons on an area of ​​4.3 million hectares. Production in France is expected to be 1.7 million tonnes in Romania - 1.6 million tons, Bulgaria - 1.4 million tons, Hungary - 1.3 million tons.

28.11.2012 - Limited quantities of Bulgarian origin Walnuts

Because of the hot and dry weather Bulgarian crop of walnuts fell 30 percent comared with 2011 which assumes spending of all quantities of the product in very early period before 2013.

16.10.2012 - Limited quantities of Pumpkin seeds - Lady nails

Because of the very low production of Pumpkin seeds - Lady nails type in Bulgaria (50% less than last year 2012) which means total 6000 tons of seeds yield, the price increase sensitive with 7% for one week.

Exporting goods to North America

AKS-NEV Ltd. has the needed quality
standards and met all FDA requirements
for quality of the products exported to USA.
We have the experience to provide high
quality products to the food markets in
Canada, USA and Mexico sice 12 years.

New crop - Pumpkin seeds Lady nails | محصول جديد الأظافر اليقطين سيدة البذور

The new crop of Bulgarian pumpkin seeds, type Lady Nails is coming in August 2012.
We will be able to export the first shipments for 2012 after 15th of August.
Please contact us for any information and orders.
المحصول الجديد من بذور اليقطين البلغارية، ونوع الأظافر سيدة قادم في شهر أغسطس عام 2012
وسوف نكون قادرين على تصدير الشحنات الأولى لعام 2012 بعد 15 أغسطس
يرجى الاتصال بنا للحصول على أية معلومات وأوامر

25.06.2012 - Pumpkin seeds - Lady Nails | بذور اليقطين حب مشهدي

Dear customers,
The product Pumpkin seeds, Lady Nails finished!
Next available quantities for season 2012-2013 in September 2012.
Thank you!

28.12.2011 - Pumpkin Seeds Lady Nails

Dear customers, at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 we have free quantities for export of raw pumpkin seeds - Lady nails, Bulgarian origin only.
Our supply ability from the type will be over 900 mt until starting the new crop for the season in September 2012.