Pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita Pepo) - Lady nails
for human consumption specification:

Moisture < 7 %
Purity > 99.8 %
Empty seeds - 0.5 %
Broken seeds - 0.2 % MAX
Spot seeds - 3 % MAX
Onion seeds - 0.02 % MAX
Available sizes: 5-8 MM / 7-8 MM / 7-11 MM
Cadmium (Cd) < 0.010 mg/kg
Acidity < 1,2 mgKOH/g
Pieces in 100 g = 500/550 pcs

The product do not contain any:
Moulds, Frozen seeds, Yeast, Stones or foreign
bodies, Radioactive elements and live organisms!
Bulgarian origin non genetically modified product.
Packing - 20, 25, 30 kg PP bags
Product is processed in accordance with good manufacturing practices and under modern sanitary conditions.
FDA No: 13747115330

Check the processing lines video out!

You can watch production process and technology
processes including camera sorter machines,
stone removing machines and packing details.

Useful information about the pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds are very useful. They contain protein, fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and valuable amino acids - arginine and glutamic acid.
The pumpkin seeds contain zinc, potassium, folic acid, selenium and niacin. They contain beneficial linolenic acid, which strengthens the walls of arteries.
The seeds have antidepressant effect, so Eat pumpkin seeds if you want often to be in a good mood. Thanks to the zinc containing in pumpkin seeds, the skin look perfect.
Pumpkin seeds are known as a perfect tool for preventing prostate problems.
They have been known since ancient times for its special action to clear the body of worms. If you regularly eat pumpkin seeds, you have no chance to keep harmful organisms in the stomach.
This is due to special kukurbitin substance that is toxic to worms, but completely harmless to humans.

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