Black Sunflower Seeds Confectionery | Floarea Soarelui

Confectionery Black Sunflower Seeds | Floarea Soarelui
NON Genetically Modified Product
Moisture: 6-7%
Broken Seeds: 1 %
Hulled Seeds: 0,5 %
Purity: 99,85 %
Size: > 3,6 mm / > 3,8 mm
Oil content: 24 %
Confectionery Black Sunflower Seeds | Floarea Soarelui
Foreign admixtures not more than 0,3%,
Pass through the sieve no.36 not more than 5%,
Pass through the sieve no.38 not more than22%,
Availability of size 4,2 mm+ no less than 52%,

Quantity of sour and rancid seeds not more than 0 unit in 100 pieces,
Quantity of damaged not more than 1 unit in 100 pieces,
Acidity not more than 1,2 mgKOH/g,
Content of Cadmium (Cd) is not more than 0,10 mg/kg.
Color: Light-grey
Taste: Characteristic for sunflower seeds
Packing: 25 kg Polypropylene bags
Product is processed in accordance with good manufacturing practices and under modern sanitary conditions.